This 200 hour yoga teacher training course is run by Marga Yoga and recognized by

Yoga Alliance. It takes place at a serene location where guests can immerse themselves in

yogic studies and practice.


Chaloklum is a beautiful & peaceful village on the north-west coast of Koh Phangan, a very characteristic  village with Chinese style wooden restaurants, shop-houses in the main street and a pier in the middle where colorful long tail fishing boats moor along the shoreline. 

The beach is 2km long and it is a very quiet and serene beach ideal to relax or to swim.


 Marga Yoga -200 hours TTC - Chaloklum - Koh Phangan

1st/22nd December 2019 - 15th June/6th July 2020 - 1st/22nd December 2020

Deposit 200 Hours Teacher Training


The 200 Hour hatha yoga teacher training program recognized by yoga alliance, aims at developing a strong, lasting foundation for all students who wish to deepen their own personal practice and for students who wish to attain advanced level of yoga practice and knowledge.


What is Hatha yoga ?
Principles of Hatha Yoga
Explanation of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha (Practice & Benefits)

Different types of breathing
Definition of Prana
Science of the breath (Prana, Apana, Udyana, Samana, Vijana)
Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadi
Pranayama practices: Abdominal breathing, Full Yogic Breath, Kapalabhati, Nadi Shodan, Bramhari Pranayama

Surya Namaskar (Different variations)
Basic Postures (Standing, Sitting, Back bends, Inversions, Twist, Arm balance Postures)
Asana Variations (from Intermediate to Advanced)
Body Alignment
Yoga Nidra

​Also: Yoga for pregnancy, Yoga for children, Yoga for elderly

Explanation and importance of Mudra  according  to Hatha Yoga
Types  of Mudra
Practice of Jnana & Chin Mudra
Physical, Mental and spiritual Benefits of Mudra

Explanation of Bandha
Different types of Bandhas and practice

What is Meditation
Difference between Dharana and Dyhana
Types of meditation
Breathing Meditation
Mantra Meditation
Walking Meditation

Definition of sleep and benefits
The 3 states of consciousness
What is Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra Practices

What is Yoga ?
History of Yoga
Types of yoga
The five kosha (bodies)
Explanation of Self-realization and liberation
Explanation of consciousness
Eight limbs of Yoga
​Bhagavad Gita

What is Yogic Anatomy and physiology?
The systems of the body
Effects of Asana and Pranayama on the body systems
Know the basic studies and  types of joints to avoid injury during Asana classes
Diet and Nutrition

Practicing Asana correctly
Front, side and back bending
The use of props
Various style of Asana and their benefits
Contra-indications of specific yoga practices
Yoga Therapy

Introduction of Kriyas according to classical Hatha Yoga
Practice of Jala Neti and Sutra Neti (Cleansing Mucus or blockages from nasal passages and sinus) and Tatraka
Tongue cleaning

Introduction of Mantra yoga
Importance of (OM)-AUM

Explanation of the 7 main chakras
How chakras work physically and emotionally
Asana & Pranayama for each chakra
Chakra meditation

​Musical recitation of hymns, mantras and the praise of deities

The concept of seva will be introduced and explained. Students will participate in Karma Yoga activities inside the yoga centre during the course.

3 daily meals will be served (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Meals are traditional Thai vegetarian and vegan & highly nutritious 


7am –  Meditation     7.30am– Asana Practice    9.30am – Breakfast     11am – Karma Yoga     

12-1.30pm – Lecture 1 -Yoga Philosophy    1.30pm Lunch    2.30-3.30pm – Lecture 2 -Anatomy & Asana theory   4pm – Asana Practice     6pm – Dinner     7pm – Meditation     7.30pm Questions & Answers     8-9.30pm – self study  10pm – lights out


Theory manual & Asana manual - Bhagavad Gita pocket book - Neti pot -Tongue cleaner - Mala beads - Notebook


This YTT takes place at a 2 storey house situated in coconut land 150m distance to the beacutiful Chaloklum beach. The house has shared rooms, double and triple rooms & a peaceful meditation garden


Single bed in shared room (3 beds) with shared bathroom 50,000 THB
Private double room (single occupancy) with shared bathroom 65,000 THB

Private double room with shared bathroom (double occupancy) 100,000 THB
Single occupancy (single or double bed) in triple room with shared bathroom 55,000 THB​
Single occupancy ensuite double room 75,000 THB

Double occupancy ensuite double room 120,000 THB
Single occupancy ensuite triple room 90,000 THB 

Double occupancy ensuite triple room 150,000 THB

Triple occupancy ensuite triple room 210,000 THB

The fees above are all inclusive of retreat, accommodation, meals, books & equipment.


20,940 THB  booking fee to be paid upon booking

(Deposits include PayPal fee)

Balance to be paid one month before the course starting date


Deposits are non refundable

No refund given if booking are cancelled after the course starting date


simona’s journey began in 1990 when she started practicing meditation in her home town in Italy. She then traveled through Europe and in the Irish countryside, she explored other types of meditation and started practicing yoga.

Her interest in yoga, meditation and alternative healing took her to Asia where she took her first Thai Massage Course in northern Thailand in 1997 and later, she immersed herself in a different meditation technique in Bali.

She moved between Europe and Asia, working as a massage therapist in Ireland and in France, while studying other massage styles and alternative therapies and she kept studying Thai Massage in Chiang Mai and in Bangkok.

She opened a Thai Massage school and Yoga center in Dublin and, always in need of a yoga teacher and having years of yoga practice herself, she decided to take an ashtanga teacher training course in Edinburgh and she started teaching in Ireland, at her own center as well as promoting “yoga at your workplace” by teaching classes at different companies.

She took Reiki courses to a master level and she continued studying with ITEC for a Holistic Massage and Anatomy Teacher Training Certification, which had her teaching anatomy in a college in Ireland.

Anatomy and Yoga became her focal point of study and in 2005 she decided to move to Asia permanently where, in India she took a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course at Sivananda Meenakshi Ashram in Tamil Nadu.

Since then she has worked in Thailand, first at Y Fit Yoga Studio in Bangkok, and the Spa Koh Chang teaching yoga for detoxing.

She moved to Hua Hin where she worked as Spa Trainer, teaching anatomy to Thai Therapists, as well as teaching yoga for Six Senses Spa and Evason Resorts and later she was transferred to the Maldives with the same company.

She kept traveling to India studying yoga in between jobs, as well as taking a course in Ayurvedic Massage and Pulse Diagnosis in Rishikesh and studying Tibetan Massage in Dharamsala; then she moved to Koh Samui in the south of Thailand where she taught yoga at Spa Samui, and at Four Seasons Resort. Another trip to India and she decided to come back to Thailand and open her own company in Koh Phangan. After 2 years on the island she relocated to Koh Samui where she taught yoga and meditation at Infinite Horizons Rehab Centre. She opened a Yoga Studio and Retreat Centre in Taling Ngam on the south of the island in 2011 which is situated on a beautiful beach front location.

She has just moved from Koh Samui and created The Yoga Cafe' where she teaches yoga classes and 200 hours yoga teacher training courses at different locations in Thailand and in Europe, as well as providing vegetarian and vegan meals and cooking classes to every destination she travels too.